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Asbestos Lawsuit

"Pending asbestos lawsuits may remain with additional revisions"

July 14, 2003
A revision to a bill that is trying to limit the number of asbestos claims in Texas courts would allow pending lawsuits to continue. Sen. Kyle Janek is trying to secure the two thirds vote required to advance the asbestos bill in the Senate. Supported by businesses and insurers hoping to get protection over potential asbestos claims, the asbestos bill is highly opposed by lawyers, consumer groups, and families and former asbestos workers now suffering deadly illnesses.

If the rewritten bill passes, anyone with a pending asbestos lawsuit on July 1 would have 90 days until the new asbestos restrictions will go into effect and will need to have medical documentation showing they are sick or injured due to asbestos exposure in order to keep the asbestos lawsuit going. Many people opposed to the asbestos bill worry that people exposed to asbestos deserve to bring their claim to court even if the illness has not yet fully developed sine it can take many years for some signs of illnesses to even appear.

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